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School Day Trips

The Vikings By Land & Sea
(Key Stage 2)
(Third Class - Sixth Class)

A specially formulated 3 hour education and activity programme ideal for the annual school trip. This programme combines 1½ hours of Viking-themed watersports at the Lakeland Canoe Centre with a 1½ hour museum Viking education programme.
 Vikings by Land and Sea Education Programme

Lakeland Canoe Centre
Using canoes, children will learn how Vikings sailed using square rigged sails discovering how Vikings overcame difficulties in sailing the oceans and developed new technology.

1. Vikings in Scandinavia
Using role-play children are welcomed into a Viking house where they investigate Viking food, clothing and social hierarchy.

2. Vikings in Ireland
Undertake an archaeological dig, uncover Viking artefacts and find out what they reveal about the people who once owned them.

3. Vikings Designer Workshop
Vikings designed and produced different types of jewellery and armour. Pupils can make their own Viking object to take home.

Duration: 3 hours. Admission charge applies, teachers free.
Please book this programme directly with the Lakeland Canoe Centre at (028) 6632 4250 from NI or (048) 6632 4250 from ROI."